Finding Hope

“...I didn't see a way out.”

Finding Hope

Theresa: In my past relationship, I walked on eggshells, was hyper-vigilant, and lived in fight or flight mode every day. His behavior was a constant up and down. He would ignore me, then act nice to make me think everything was okay, then abruptly follow it with rage. He would manipulate and gaslight me, keep me exhausted, and criticize me frequently. He’d make excuses for his behavior, never took accountability, and blamed me for everything. Nothing I did ever seemed right, and I slowly lost confidence in myself. I was lonely, unloved, and felt like a nobody. Any sign of me leaving resulted in violence. I was trapped in a trauma bond and I didn’t see a way out. Some nights I would pray just to make it through another day.

For years I endured financial, physical, mental, verbal, and emotional abuse. I had lost all hope but God had other plans for me. When I began focusing on the word of God and reading the Bible every day, I gained a newfound confidence that gave me the courage to seek help and find freedom. For the first time in a long time I am safe, hopeful, and looking forward to my future. I am blessed that God is giving me a second chance in life. Trials and tribulations are a part of this life, but with Christ, you can do all things!

“...God had other plans for me.”

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