“...this knowledge was completely transformational.”


My testimony is that I finally believed God’s truth enough to receive the miracle I have been hoping for my entire life (and I’m already 42) : “To know God’s truth without a doubt, and to clearly see the face of God in ALL things.” This happened listening to the CD, “My Story Your Glory”, shortly after buying it at the Crystal Lake, IL concert. I was listening to “Miracle” in my car, and realized for the first time God’s perfect goodness despite my traumatic sufferings (and that God makes all things good, and in turn, I was good enough to be HIS) and this knowledge was completely transformational, something that spoke of the “kind of healing that comes swiftly” and it drenched my soul with joy in Him. It was as if suddenly I knew God’s every word to be true, and that I could clearly express it in writing. I felt compelled in a way I never could have guessed to forever display this holy love to others as best I could.

Awestruck, I wrote the following poem:

If only you knew the beauty I see,
not just in you, but in everything,
you’d come sit awhile and ask what it meant
and I’d happily tell you it was heaven sent.
Now, I’m just a girl, no one would guess,
deserved such a treat to be so thoroughly blessed.
And I’d tell you it’s true, cause I was way worse than you,
just a wandering wanderer, not sure what to do.
And here is the answer, the thing that you seek,
to step into God’s power, you’ve gotta be weak.
And so thoroughly so, you’ve got nowhere to go,
but to sit in your mess, and just endlessly weep.
You may not believe it, but trust me it’s right,
that looking and looking, will never give sight.
But there is sight for the blind, BUT God’s gotta speak.
And as soon as you listen, you’ll find all that you need.

Thank you Matthew West. Your music was the missing piece that gave me the wisdom I needed to finally put all the missing pieces together. I had been struggling to do so forever. I know others are sure to experience this beautiful shift from your wonderful songs as well. May all glory be to God, the author of all good things, and to the wondrous keeper of my heart, Christ Jesus our Lord!


“And as soon as you listen, you'll find all that you need.”

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