Free From Shame

“Shame was laid down on my heart as a child.”

Free From Shame

Amy: I was never ok. My parents did not meet my emotional needs when I was a child. I was the 8th of 10 children. Dad died when I was 6. Mom couldn’t handle life so well after he passed. Us kids tried to be each other’s heroes and rescue each other. We may have caused more harm than good, but we loved each other. Shame was laid down on my heart as a child. I was rejected and shamed all the time. I learned to hate myself. I learned to survive, but I did not thrive. “What is wrong with Amy?” I accepted Christ on the Romans Road when I was nineteen. 35 years later, I am free from shame. God is good! This is mountain-moving sanctification!

“I am free from shame. God is good!”

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