Good “God” Things

“...he was having a hard time.”

Good “God” Things

Janet: This is a cool short story about how good God things get passed along. Last Friday, I took my daughter and her 2 boys to the Oklahoma City Matthew West concert! What an awesome night! Matthew, you have had a huge part of my journey through tough times. But this is not that story…

I sang along till my voice was about gone. We have recently begun attending a different church. Sunday night we went to have food and prayer time with a group from the church. Across the table from me was a man & his wife. He asked for prayers because he was having a hard time. Then they moved on. After the event was over I reached across the table and touched his hand. I began telling him that I had been through hard times. I asked about his problems, promising confidentiality with our conversation. He opened up slowly and I told him some things that had helped me. Christian music being HUGE! He gave me his phone number.

That night I sent him my name by text. Monday night I sent him 3 of my favorite Matthew West songs. He loved them! Tuesday night I sent some Scriptures and he told me his days had been very positive since we had talked. The next night I let him know how happy I was for him. And how Jesus was always with him. It had helped him just to talk with someone who could relate. One of your songs I sent was “Strong Enough.” That is the best “keep going” song ever. I saw him at church this morning and asked if he had put the You Version app I had told him about on his phone. He said yes and I told him you are doing the talk with the verse of the day today! It was good to see his smile! God used your concert and your songs to lead me to reach out to him and help him hear Jesus through you. That’s my story. Thank you for coming to Oklahoma again. I was at your concert in Norman 7 years ago. It was a small crowd so I got to be in the front rows! I love the way you talk about your family, wife, and daughters. God bless your tour!

“It had helped him just to talk with someone who could relate.”

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