I Lost My Faith

“...I started hanging out with the wrong crowd.”

I Lost My Faith

My name is Tylor, and my God moment came to me two weeks ago. I have always been a man of faith. I grew up in a church and went every Sunday, but then my great grandma passed away and went to be with the Lord in Heaven. That got to me and that is when I started hanging out with the wrong crowd. I bounced from job to job and because of that and my own actions I started getting depressed and angry and lost faith. Two weeks ago I was laying in bed sound asleep, when suddenly I heard a loud voice wake me and say, “Tylor, you need to start going church again.” So I did, and it changed me and my whole outlook on life and I have God, the Holy Spirit and Matthew West to thank for that. I still have demons slowly escaping me but they are all almost out and I’m starting to feel the difference.

“I have God, the Holy Spirit, and Matthew West to thank…”

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