I Love Jesus

“I hated my life…”

I Love Jesus

Jeffry:  My name is Jeffry and my story started 15 years ago. I was in my 12th recovery in-patient 30 day stay for depression and cutting myself. I hated my life as a drunk but while I was drinking for years, I also would stay sober on my own for a year or 2 and I would run a marathon or 2. I have run 8 marathons, including Boston 2 times (the 98th and the 100th).

So, I was in my 12th in-patient treatment center and this lady that I didn’t know (I call her my guardian angel) gave me a church flyer for Kensington Church. I went the first Sunday and in a one hour service, God took away my complete desire to drink alcohol.  On August 10, 2023, I will celebrate 15 years of complete sobriety from anything not prescribed by my doctor.  Plus, I still volunteer at Kensington as a greeter and I also volunteer as a coffee maker and other jobs at Celebrate Recovery. I also volunteer for contemporary Christian concerts; I have done 9 already this year, including Matthew West in Zeeland, MI.

I love Jesus and He is the head of my life today.

“15 years of complete sobriety!”

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Matthew likes to call the moment he decided to follow God his " Blue Couch" moment. When you craft your story, you can share your "Blue Couch" moment or other stories where you have seen God at work in your life.
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