I Want You

“The last thing I wanted to be was what I thought Christians were…”

I Want You

Tony: I was using and dealing drugs in college and was approached on campus by some “Jesus Freaks” (pardon the term).  The last thing I wanted to be was what I thought Christians were: Meek, soft, nice guys who everyone walked on. I just couldn’t buy what they were selling and tried for over a year to write them off. But they kept coming back and sharing their faith. I wrote it off as a fairy tale.

We were all into heavy metal and when Mountain and Black Sabbath were in concert we were right down front in a crowd of 15K. As we stood cheering “Iron Man,” something hit me on the head and when I looked down it was a paper airplane. When I unfolded it, I saw a drawing of Jesus with the words “I Want You” on the bottom. I knew then there was something (or someone) working that I had no control or concept of.

I gave my life to Christ soon after that concert and as I began my new life as a Christian, I put all my old albums away. Listening to the 2nd Chapter of Acts & Matthew West was a Godsend to my young Christian life. Whenever we give up anything for God, He always replaces it with something better!

I’ve been a Christian for 50 years now.  I am also a Chaplain, thanks to the persistence of those willing to share their faith.

“I've been a Christian for 50 years now.”

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