Jesus Healed Me

“ chance of survival.”

Jesus Healed Me

Devon: I’m a living, breathing, walking miracle. My friends call me Lazarus!

In 2014, I was a single mom to a 6 year-old son. I went to get some blood work done on a Friday afternoon, because I was feeling run down. Monday morning, I got a call saying I needed to get to the nearest emergency room, that my blood levels were critical.

I ended up having Acute Myeloid Leukemia, the worst possible case. I was immediately hospitalized and given chemo. After my 2nd round of chemo, all my organs shut down, I had congestive heart failure, and slipped into a coma. My hands and feet turned black in the dying process. The doctors told my parents I had days, possibly hours to live with zero chance of survival. My little boy was brought to my bedside to say goodbye to me. My friends and family surrounded my hospital bed and prayed for a miracle.

On the 30th day, I woke up. All my organs went back to normal, and I was able to get a stem cell transplant. This was 7 years ago this week.

Thank you Jesus for healing me.

“My friends call me Lazarus!”

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