Just Believe

“They called my family in to say their goodbyes.”

Just Believe

Hello, my name is Lisa. I have many God moments – the fact that I am alive today is the biggest one. In July 2004, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, but in October I found out I was pregnant, so all treatments were on hold. I made it to 20 weeks, but then lost my baby girl due to thyroid storm and Graves disease. In July of 2005, I had surgery to remove my thyroid, hoping it would be better… but unfortunately, that’s when it got worse. The surgery was supposed to be outpatient, but I ended up in ICU, on the verge of dying. I went into cardiac arrest a few times, and they did not know what to do. They called my family in to say their goodbyes. Around 8 pm that night, a pastor came in and asked me if I was ready to live. I laughed and asked if he knew that I only had a few days before my body shut down? He said, “I was sent by Someone who can change that.”

That pastor stayed with me till 4 am, praying and talking with me. I feel that’s the night I saw God. When the pastor left, he said “just believe.” So I went to sleep and a few hours later about 6 doctors came in and told me that one of the interns thought of a way to fix my levels. They wanted to try a medicine on me that was meant for something else and they weren’t sure it would work. So we tried it, and 2 days later I was going home to my family! They didn’t believe it would help for any more than 5 years, and they said I wouldn’t be able to have more children…but the next year, my daughter was born. That was 15 years ago, and even though it’s still hard every day (I take about 52 pills a day to keep going) my trust is in God. He still has plans for me and until I have finished those, I will keep praising Him and trusting Him every day.

“I was sent by Someone who can change that.”

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