Like A Switch

“I knew that happened for a reason…”

Like A Switch

Paige: I was about 16 or 17 when I had to move states to live with my mom after being diagnosed with Scoliosis. I believed in God and knew He existed, but that was the extent of the little amount of faith I had. I didn’t know what to do with it. My mom and her boyfriend are very religious. She always had the music station “His Radio” on in her car, but I only listened to country and pop. One day, my mom told me a group of family and friends were going to this concert, and she invited me. I had seen “God’s Not Dead” and was excited to see Newsboys…but that was it.

During the concert, I was having a good time.  But it got very spiritual. Some deep stories were shared, and I was impressed with this whole other community of people I’d never been a part of.
Then, Danny Gokey walked on the stage. He said he was late getting there and was lucky they let him on stage…his band wasn’t even up there. I knew that happened for a reason, but I didn’t know I was one of the reasons.
When Danny played “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again” something inside me flipped like a switch. I can’t even describe it to this day. Everyone had their flashlights on, waving them around, singing. Some people around me were even crying. I knew there was something much more powerful behind being a Christian, and I hadn’t even dipped my toes in the water…until that day.

“...something inside me flipped like a switch.”

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