Little Things Make a Difference

“I have been praying fervently for the Lord to touch my workplace.”

Little Things Make a Difference

Hi, Matthew. My name is Sarah Beth. I just wanted to share a story about how the little things make a difference.

I am a high schooler, and I work as a swim coach at a school down the street. Many of my coworkers do not follow the Lord, however, I started a conversation with one of them almost a year ago about faith. At the end of the conversation, I felt led to give her a devotional book that my church uses. She said, “thank you,” but she quit working there shortly after, and I never heard anything else from her again.

I thought that book was living under a bed somewhere untouched. From the beginning of my time at this job, I have been praying fervently for the Lord to touch my workplace. When you live in a sinful world, sometimes prayer is all you can do!

Just earlier this week, I felt the Lord prompting me to invite another coworker to church. I was nervous, but trusted that God had a reason, so I followed through. When I asked the question, he immediately said yes, with no hesitation. He followed that “yes” by telling me that he was curious about my faith. He had become interested because of the devotional book I gave the other girl. They were friends and were talking one night and he saw her with it.  She told him her story, and now both of them are supposed to come to church tomorrow. He also asked for a copy of the book. That one book that I thought landed under a bed has now convinced a polytheistic coworker to come to church.
I am praying that they would follow through and actually come and also for God to touch their lives. I would appreciate continued prayers for my workplace and that God would not stop with these two, but would truly touch everyone!

I am very excited to see your fall tour coming to my town! Can’t wait to see you and Katy at Catch the Fire! I’m counting down to November 19!

“I would appreciate continued prayers for my workplace…”

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