God With Me

“I was screaming in so much pain.”

God With Me

Hi Matthew West, I’m Priscilla and this is my story. I was a 12 year old living my life, playing basketball and one day at basketball practice I was having some really bad back pain and I couldn’t use the bathroom. My coach was putting more fluids in me and told me to go to the bathroom, but I couldn’t and when I came out of the locker room I was screaming in so much pain. She called my mom and told her to come get me from practice. When my mom picked me up, she told me that she was gonna take me home and put me on a heating pad. I told her I was gonna jump out of the car if she didn’t take me to the hospital, so she took me to the hospital. We got an MRI scan and I couldn’t even lay on the table without being in so much pain. When the scans were done, I went back to my room and laid on my mom’s shoulder and held her hand to hold and squeeze when the pain hit me. The doctor came back after 30 minutes, and told me that they were sending me to UK, but wouldn’t tell us what was wrong. When I got to UK, they put me into a room and the doctors told me that I had a tumor on my bladder that was affecting my left ovary and they would have to remove it with the tumor. I’m now living my life knowing that God was right beside me through it all and still gave me the chance to still have kids one day.

“I’m now living my life knowing that God was right beside me…”

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