Child of God

“As I sang that it dawned upon me that I wasn't a child of the One True King.”

Child of God

Puruna: My Blue Couch story is more of a “family car story.”  So basically my whole life my family had taught me about salvation and Christ so much that I thought for a while that I was saved because I participated in family devotions and knew the answer to every catechism question at church. One night, when my family was driving home from an American Heritage Girls and Trail Life meeting (the Christian version of Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts) I was singing along to the radio. The song playing was “Hello My Name Is” by Matthew West. I didn’t really pay attention to the lyrics much until the chorus when the lyrics said, “I am a child of a One True King!” As I sang that it dawned upon me that I wasn’t a child of the One True King. I started to cry silently, and told myself that when I got home I would go to my parents when my siblings were in bed and I would tell them that I thought God was calling me to accept Him into my life.

“God was calling me to accept Him into my life.”

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Matthew likes to call the moment he decided to follow God his " Blue Couch" moment. When you craft your story, you can share your "Blue Couch" moment or other stories where you have seen God at work in your life.
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