Superheroes for Jesus

"He was filled with anxiety day in and day out..."

Superheroes for Jesus

Sandy: I will NEVER forget this transforming moment when God intervened when I was teaching preschool. A preschooler cried EVERY single day he came to school for 3-1/2 months! He was filled with anxiety day in and day out and none of my ‘teacher tricks’ were working. I finally came to the end of myself!  Yep, the teacher was losing it! I took my preschooler out into the private hallway to make sure I would be away from little eyes who might see me get very stern with this little guy. I knelt down and gently took him by the shoulders as I looked into his eyes and I was about to firmly say, “That’s enough!” Instead…. When I began to speak, these words came out: “You forgot who you are!!” Immediately…My preschooler stopped crying. I sat down on the floor and thought,  “WHO just said that?” I was shocked at the words that fell out of my mouth! It’s not what I had planned to say!  In my mind, I had no idea what to say next. My little preschooler,  now very calm and not crying, stared at me waiting for me to explain what I meant. In my mind, I asked God, “WELL…..WHO IS HE?!!” Words began to come… I began to ask this little guy: “Who lives inside of you?!” He responded: “Jesus” Now my thoughts began to flow in a new direction! Kids love superheroes, and I told him that he had a “real superhero inside of him.” His eyes got so big and a smile grew across his face!! FINALLY!!! A BREAKTHROUGH!!!!

From that day forward, we called our class: Super heroes for Jesus” and our Super Power was LOVE. God inspired me to teach the 9 Fruits of the Spirit. When he placed it on my heart I had to Google what that meant !! As I taught the children about their “super power,” the Fruit of The Spirit, their behavior began to reflect THE ONE who lives inside of them. Best of all, that same little guy came to school the next day carrying his guitar! I looked at his Mom and with tears in her eyes she said, “He woke up today saying he wanted to play guitar with you at music time.” So, now I’m wiping MY tears!!!

God-confidence begins when you know Who lives inside of you.  Knowing that if you mess up, He will help you!! Just like that day, when God intervened and reminded me who I am…a child of God. An amazing transformation began that day for both he and I.

That was in 2011 – God continued to download more truth into my spirit so I could teach the preschoolers. The puppet I used to teach God’s truth was called: HARRY as I was putting Harry into the back of my car after singing with the kids, I heard the Lord speak: “Harry is a story.” I was surprised and said out loud: “Harry is a story?” I went home that very day and wrote: ‘Harry Finds His Superpower’ That was 2017. And in 2020 my book was published on Amazon books!!! I pray that the truth and my book will transform more hearts!!

"...God intervened and reminded me who I am...a child of God."

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