Trusting God

“COVID attacked my lungs…”

Trusting God

Julie: Hello, my name is Julie. A friend of mine came on this website to ask for prayer as I was transported by ambulance to the hospital on December 31, 2021. I couldn’t breathe, my lungs were severely affected. I had been battling a high fever for five days and was completely lethargic. I was diagnosed with COVID. My oxygen levels were in the 80’s as COVID attacked my lungs. I was increased to 6 liters of oxygen while at rest to stay in the 90th percentile. The doctor put me on Remdesivir for one day, which many friends and family told me to get off of, because of the side effects of renal failure. It was at that time I decided to trust God and let the immune system God gave me heal me.

It was amazing how each day I got better and better very quickly. Even the pulmonary respiratory therapists were shocked how quickly my lungs were healing without any extra medications.

By day seven, I was up walking around with NO oxygen. I told every nurse and doctor that this was God and all the prayers coming in on my behalf. I was home after nine days and I am doing well.

Thank you for holding me up in prayer. GOD BLESS YOU ALL!

“I decided to trust God…”

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