Waiting For a Sign

“...what are God’s plans for me?”

Waiting For a Sign

Alex: God’s Timing! My beautiful bride took me on an amazing adventure today, starting at church and ending up at the Matthew West and Casting Crowns concert. It was there I met a mother and her daughter named Grace. I was enjoying the concert, but more importantly I was hearing Grace singing the songs loud and proud (not knowing most of the words) but when I would look back, she would be smiling the biggest smile. She even wanted to share her pizza with Matthew. With all the ups and downs over these past years, I have been having this struggle inside wondering what God’s plans are for me. These past couple of months have been extremely tough. Through spending time in the hospital- not knowing if I would make it, and then being on oxygen for a couple months, I prayed and fasted awaiting a sign. I don’t mean a simple nudge. I’m talking about a smack on the head, Spirit-driven sign.

Matthew was singing the song “Truth Be Told” and I was being pulled to the stage, where I knelt down and wept. I got back to my seat and still was unsure of His answer. The next song started, and out of nowhere the mother was tapping me on the shoulder. I turned around and she said, “Please pray for my daughter, Grace.” I immediately started praying aloud over my new friend, Grace, telling her how much she is loved by God and how special she is (along with other things I barely remember saying.) The smile on her face was beyond special. She kept tapping me on the shoulder or trying to tickle me, and as many times as her mom would say, “Stop it Grace,” I would respond with: “it’s not a problem.” We didn’t make it through the whole concert since it was a long day, so Elizabeth and I said our goodbyes with a big hug from Grace. You can’t make this stuff up. I realize there will always be ups and downs in life, but the one thing I have found to be true is that as long as God is leading the way, all will be well. I am so full of gratitude looking forward to what the future holds. Keep in mind that in the end, God always wins!

“...as long as God is leading the way, all will be well.”

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