Does God Still Heal?

“...they told him he might never speak again.”

Does God Still Heal?

Wendi: We have had so many God Moments, but this one displays the mighty hand of God!  Several years ago, my husband had to have a disc replaced with an artificial disc in his neck. He came out of surgery and he had done well, but couldn’t speak. The doctor said he had never had that happen and he would probably have his voice back within a few days and that maybe it was just the trauma of surgery that shut down his vocal cords for a little while. A few days turned into weeks and then months. He went to a throat specialist and they told him he might never speak again. This would be a scary diagnosis for anyone, but my husband is a preacher and for him it was completely devastating! We began to pray, our church began to pray, and people we didn’t even know began to pray. He was getting ready to go to Uganda on a missions trip and was scheduled to preach while he was there. He wondered what was going to happen since it was evident he wouldn’t be able to preach. I had to be standing right in front of him to be able to hear him when he did speak. It was barely a whisper and very scratchy. A few mornings before he was to leave, he was saying something to me, and I told him I thought his voice was better. He went to work and as the day went on, his voice got clearer and clearer. By the time he left for Uganda, God had given him his voice back! He went to Uganda and preached and met people who had been praying for him. When they saw him and heard him speak they began to cry because he was a living example of how God could and did answer their prayers!

“God gave him his voice back!”

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