When Your Prayer is Not Answered

“I completely strayed from God…”

When Your Prayer is Not Answered

Paige: November 2019, I flew to New York from Texas to visit my brother in the hospital. I went thinking I was going to lay my hands on him and God would heal him the way I wanted him to be healed. Instead what followed was 3 days of watching my brother die a very painful death. I flew home the next day defeated. What’s worse is not a single person in leadership from my church reached out to anyone in my family. It was as though no one cared. So I shut down. I completely strayed from God and pushed out the pain and focused on staying busy instead. Fast forward to August of 2020, I had gone through the worst year ever because of all the Covid stuff and still refused to talk to God or try to grieve and I was an angry and bitter human ready to end it all.

One Sunday I came home a different way from running errands and drove by this church I had never noticed. It drove me crazy cause I couldn’t get that church out of my mind. So I called the office and basically said I didn’t know why I was calling and their God couldn’t help me, but the receptionist was so loving. The following Sunday I visited. I’ve never experienced that much love in the moment I needed it most. I now regularly attend that church and have gone to counseling and started the healthy process of grieving my brother. I’ve also realized that God did heal him, just not how I wanted, and that a lot of good has come out of it. So that’s it. That’s my blue couch story.

“I’ve never experienced that much love in the moment I needed it most.”

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