Yes, You Can!

“I dealt with mental, physical and sexual abuse.”

Yes, You Can!

Korina: My life is one that I am truly grateful for. God, I know He has brought me through many turbulent times and He has never failed me. I came from an abusive background as a child. I dealt with mental, physical and sexual abuse. I made it through those years. I married and had my first child at 18. My son suffered a brain injury at birth. I did my best to raise him with little help.

I had another child at 21 and life just moved along. When I was 25, I had a lump in my neck that kept growing. I went in to have surgery to have my thyroid removed. They thought I had a goiter. Turns out I had a malignant tumor. Further tests showed that it was Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Cancer! I had little support from my husband through my treatments. Other family tried to help when they could. After many surgeries and treatments, I was cancer free.

I then divorced my husband and started over with my children. I met someone a few years later and had another baby. A girl that the doctors said I would not be able to have after my treatments. But God said, “yes you can!” Life moved on. Cancer struck again. I was 45 and was diagnosed with Nodular Malignant Melanoma. I was devastated. “Not again!” I screamed, I yelled, and I had a pity party for myself. I told God I couldn’t do this again. I had already been through enough! I couldn’t do treatments again. I then wiped my tears and moved on. The surgery was all I needed for this cancer. It hadn’t spread! Thank you, God. Today I am grateful for my life. My first cancer was found early enough for survival. It’s been 30 years now! I’m a grandma to 2 wonderful grandchildren. My 3 children are doing well. GOD is my rock. He never fails me. He has always shown me how to find the light in my darkest hours!

“He never fails me!”

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