Two Houses

“…everything changed in the blink of an eye”

Joly is a fifteen-year-old girl that seemed to have the perfect life.  That is, until everything changed in the blink of an eye.  Her father hurt her family tremendously when he left them. Joly didn’t understand how he could do this.  At one point, she asked God to take her life away if it would bring her family back together.

Joly could only feel anger, frustration, and hurt towards her father. When Joly’s mom saw her frustration, she told her it was best if she take her problems to God in prayer. Joly had always been a Christian, but until she prayed and gave her pain over to God, she had never truly experienced an intimate relationship with her Savior.  From that day forward, God sent her comfort through his words in the Bible.  Her favorite verse became Romans 8:28: “For we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”  Now, Joly is grateful that God used her bad situation to bring her closer to Him. And instead of being angry with her father, Joly has forgiven him and prays for him everyday.

At times, Joly is still scared because she does not know what tomorrow holds, but she is comforted knowing that God holds every tomorrow. And now, Joly wants to help other kids who are going through the same pain as her. She wants her story to inspire those who are hurting in hopes that they learn about the ever-loving Father in Heaven who will never leave or forsake them.  She says,

“If they will only lay their troubles at his feet, he will sustain them.”