A Battle for Marriage

"The world as she knew it was crashing down around her..."

A Battle for Marriage

Three and a half years ago, Julie was broken. The world as she knew it was crashing down around her when she found out her husband cheated on her, and her marriage consequently failed. Julie was devastated and thought she would never find a spouse again. But then, God answered her prayers and brought a new man into her life. Soon, Julie was swept away by her new love and knew that this man would finally be her fairytale marriage that would last forever.

Then, it happened. Julie learned that her new husband committed adultery. Her heart was pierced with a hurt so bad that it was hard for her to breath. She was filled with so many emotions and thoughts. She couldn’t believe that this would happen to her again. She thought to herself, “Just Leave! You did it before and it was an easy way out, and it won’t hurt as bad.” But instead of leaving, Julie got on her knees and prayed to the Healer, the only One who could get her through this. As she prayed, she felt God’s arms wrap around her. He quickly reminded her that her husband’s sinful act was not from Him, but from the evil one. Comforted by God’s love and healing, Julie decided that she would stay and fight for her marriage.

Julie found strength in Ephesians 6 and put on the full armor of God. She was tirelessly on her knees praying and reading His Word. Even though her husband lost his church job because of this sin, and every day was a struggle for them to get through, Julie was determined that Satan was not going to win. The battle was easier to fight with Christ back in the center of their marriage. Julie learned that with God, marriage is never too far-gone. Today, the enemy no longer has a stronghold over Julie’s marriage. The Lord was with Julie through all of this and lavished her with peace and strength. Her marriage is stronger than it has ever been, and all of the glory goes to God!

“The Lord was with Julie through all of this and lavished her with peace and strength.”

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