A Flood of Grace

“Josh began to sink into depression and wondered why God had abandoned his family.”

A Flood of Grace

In the summer of 2010, Josh began a journey that would forever change his life. It was mid-August when his wife became very ill, tip-toeing the line between life and death. After several months in the ICU, the doctors discovered she had a disease called H.U.S. Then, while the physicians had her stabilized, she completely lost her kidney function. With the loss of his wife’s income and the escalating hospital bills, Josh was working two full time jobs to make ends meet. Meanwhile, his two daughters, ages 5 and 2, were staying with friends and family. Josh began to sink into depression and wondered why God had abandoned his family. He knew people around the nation were praying for him and his family, yet he could not feel God’s presence anywhere near him.

That’s when the grace of God hit Josh like a flood, and Josh has been on a rapid ride ever since. It began when Josh received a phone call from a lady he didn’t know. She said she had heard of Josh’s troubles, and wanted to give their family $10,000 to help pay the bills. Another day, Josh found out that the hospital was going to cover 100% of the bills not being covered by insurance. Then, Josh found out Social Security approved Josh’s wife for her full disability without getting any lawyers involved. And if things couldn’t seem to get any better, Josh found out he was a match for his wife’s kidney transplant!

Josh learned that God has been faithfully with his family all along. Even throughout the many hardships, Josh’s family always had everything they needed. Because of these trials, Josh’s relationship with God and his family has become more fulfilling and more wonderful than he could have imagined possible. Josh learned,  “When life pushes you down in the mud the best thing you can do is get up off your face but stay down on your knees.” Josh is still waiting for the kidney transplant to take place, but knows God is faithful and is with his family every step of the way.

“When life pushes you down in the mud the best thing you can do is get up off your face but stay down on your knees.”

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