Next Thing You Know

“What's your story about His glory?”

Next Thing You Know

Luke: God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit healed my heart and healed my brain. Every time I had a seizure, God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit was there with me and He will always be there with me all the time. He will be there day in and out and what I say is it’s like chapters in a book, but with music. I know every single person has their own story to tell and decisions to make and it definitely happens to me. I listen to tons of music and Matthew West was on z88.3 when he released the song “More” and “Next Thing You Know.” When I got a chance to listen to the song, “Next Thing You Know,” it changed my music career life because Jesus put me in the right direction. There is this part in the bridge that says, “So, what’s your story about His glory? You gotta find your place in the history of grace. Yeah, what’s your story about His glory? Come on and find your place” and I concur with you, Matthew, because that bridge is definitely correct and it is definitely one of the coolest song structures to add to the bridge in the song. He changed my story and the decisions I make along the way. And that is My Story Your Glory.

I remember being baptized in 2019, and I felt like God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit was touching me and they heard my voice and it blew my mind when I got baptized in water. 💧 It changed my story around and helped me make good decisions instead of bad and that’s because God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit resurrected me.

“He changed my story…”

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Matthew likes to call the moment he decided to follow God his " Blue Couch" moment. When you craft your story, you can share your "Blue Couch" moment or other stories where you have seen God at work in your life.
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