“Growing up, ‘you’re ugly,’ ‘you’re stupid,’ and ‘you’re worthless,’ were the only affirmations Jennifer heard from those around her.”


For years, Jennifer dreamed about meeting her birth father. When the day finally came to sit down with him for the first time, he told her that she was a mistake. Growing up, “you’re ugly,” “you’re stupid,” and “you’re worthless,” were the only affirmations Jennifer heard from those around her. Jennifer’s whole life had been defined by these negative words spoken from the people who were supposed to speak to her in love.

It wasn’t until she was 18 that her self-image started shifting. A great man asked her to prom, and began to speak loving and positive words into her life. A few years later, they were married and started their family. After marriage, Jennifer and her husband both began to seek God fervently. Jennifer realized that God’s love for her far surpasses any love that she could receive from her husband, or the love that she feels for her kids. She is now erasing her old identity, and is embracing her new identity through the lens of God’s unending love.

This story resonated with Matthew, so he wrote a song about it called Unchangeable. Unchangeable is about standing firm on the hope we have in God’s love for us when the world spits out its words of destruction. It doesn’t matter what your father says, or what your friends say, or what your critics say. It matters what God says about you. He made you. And you are not a mistake.

“And you are not a mistake.”

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